Make it Right, Lower 9th Ward -- house of Robert Green

On our tour of Lower 9th Ward we met a man named Robert Green who had lost his mother, granddaughter and house to the levee break during Hurricane Katrina. Robert gave us a tour of his house and told us about the history of the Lower 9th before and after the hurricane. Robert also explained to us the significance and reasoning behind many of the Make It Right homes.
We gave Robert our contactinformation and sent us some links.
This is an amazing photo of Robert that won first prize in a compitition. The photo shows him on concrete steps that used to lead up to his old house before it was swept away.
The other link is an video interview with Robert on CNN.

A view from Robert's balcony.

Front of Robert's House.

Robert Green (on the far right) explains to us about the other houses in the neighbourhood from his balcony.