Progress Shots Of The Cheticamper!

Matt measuring up a 2"X 4" for the wing.

This will be the deck system. We cut cider boards in half length ways and then drilled holes three inches from the ends and then fed rebar through to serve as a pivoting point.
Our work station for malleting the cider over the rebar.
Keri is cutting and measuring the poly-gal for the spin of the mobile. The poly-gal will then be covered in perforated steel and underneath the poly-gal will be LED lights to light the spin at night.

This is right after we got the wings on the mobile working. We were really excited.
Right after we installed the fold out deck system.

Late night Tuesday we got the van truck shocks installed. The wing is being held up entirely by the van truck shocks.

We had to fiddle with the wings and the shocks a bit more. We realized that they didn't open up high enough and there for need three shocks to bear the weight of the door. The rotational pivot of the shocks and the length to which they can extend took us quite a while to figure out.